Re-making together

In Kuo we have been in touch with Spanish consumers since the beginning of the lock down derived from Covid-19.

 We have created Kuo Prosperity Lab, a social observatory, to analyse what the future will be like after this huge transformation we are witnessing.

We are conducting the most ambitious qualitative analysis to date.

Our focus is listen and understand people to anticipate the future and be able to give the best answer. 

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How are we changing?

Do you want to share your ideas with us?

We listen to people

Qualitative analysis

Experiential and emotional research, based on close collaboration with Spanish households. 


From “the roots”

Kuo Prosperity Lab provides an analysis that evolves over time, revealing consistent and transcendent clues. 


We make our research, yours. At Kuo Prosperity Lab, we continuously provide you with information through our Prosperity Blog. 


Pensando en todos

At Prosperity Lab, we build together: we want to know your needs and concerns.

Our professional ethics

A necessary change

The situation has changed and so have we.

At Kuo Prosperity Lab, we want to give you answers, not take advantage of a contingent situation.

Our analysis is born out of fascination and curiosity to get to know people.

If you want to know more about us as people, get to know us. 

Our contribution 

Knowing people and their needs,  is what we do best.

Helping you find the message you’re looking for will make this bump last less.

Guiding yourself to successfully host your product or service will have a positive impact on everyone.

To find out who we have worked with, click here. 

Thank you with all our hearts 

Sharing our experiences is supplying a beneficial, necessary and unexpected experience. We are deeply grateful to all the people who have opened their homes and hearts to us in a difficult time. Thanks for sharing.
Kuo Prosperity Lab is a initiave developed in collaboration with MA Service Design department at Royal College of Art, London, in response to covid-19 European crisis.