An holistic vision for your brand


Human team, identity, communication, product and user experience.


At Kuo, we collaborate with brave brands to provide the value that consumers demand. We are “all ears” to help you listen to them and we have eyes that do not lose detail when observing.

The approach we offer is systemic and holistically conceives the elements of your brand: human team, identity, communication, product and user experience.

We have a powerful information analysis engine. Transversality and plurality define us. Our meta-analysis goes beyond the qualitative / quantitative duality, so we found transgressive insights that last over time.

We are daringly human and we are constantly in contact with the reality of the consumer, today more multifaceted than ever. We love “losing the north” so that you can reconnect with your consumer.

We design products and services that reach the heart

On-site test

We conduct product tests in a real environment, such as the consumer’s home. This method allow us to have a complete vision of the context of use, revealing key insights before and after this experience.

Emo-sensitive Circuit

Understand how the user perceives the product or service and what points can be potentially improved, as well as those that determine that their experience is positive.

Double check Concept Test

Choose the concepts with the greatest impact and potential. After a first analysis, we reformulate the concept, improving those aspects that are not fully understood and we test it again to ensure its success.

Identification of opportunities

Ensure that your value proposition is a success, identifying the real needs of the consumer.

Price sensitivity Test

It allows to discover the price range of your product and collect the purchase intentions at certain levels, including a comparison with its competitors in the category.

We inhabit the skin of the consumer to convey their experience

Face-to-face POS (Safaris covid-19)

We are pioneers in remote safaris, by video call. Make your customers fall in love with the shopping experience, identifying points for improvement, limitations and consumer wishes.

Online POS

Identify the barriers your customers find when accessing your digital platforms, understand what elements work and how to optimize their usability. Through a qualitative intervention “in real time”, or through CAWI interviews, we monitor the process of information, search and online. product purchases.

Packaging Test

Get your product to transcend its use and packaging and establish a lasting relationship with your consumer.

Mistery shopper

We enrich this traditional service with an interactive process that transcends the simulated visit, considering all the touchpoints in the purchasing or contracting process.

Customer pathway

The “customer journey” of many categories is increasingly complex. We help you visualize and optimize the chain of interactions between your service or product and your user or consumer, identifying key insights and recommendations to exceed their expectations.

Communication: We speak the universal language of emotion


Communication strategy

We recover the association with communication agencies to illuminate your campaigns with insigths obtained in real time. Maintain your level of success by searching for communicational axes that structure your message.

Naming test

We help you find the message/name that appeals to your target. Evaluate existing communications, test communication sketches or storyboards or develop new communication maps.

Creativity & Message

We help you find the message with which your target will feel appealed and excited.

Touchpoint analysis

Identify all the contact points that interact with the consumer and distinguish those that critically condition the purchase or use of your product or service.

Identity: We dive into the soul of your brand to find its essence


Brand Analysis

Deep into the positioning of your brand in regard to its competitors and design future strategies that transgress the category.

Category Leadership

Analyze the category in which your product or service is registered to lead it and identify new disruptive business opportunities that expand its limits.

Brand renewal

Co-creation of the identity of your brand that will make you reconnect with the consumer. Renew the image of your brand learning what values you should emphasize and update.

Generational and new tribes studies

Connect with that generation of current and potential consumers to whom you want to direct your product. Identify the intragenerational differences that transform the relationship with your products and how they impact your category.

Training: We teach your team without making them dye of boredom


Consumer Connect: Connect your team with the consumer

This live training is designed for professionals from different departments, such as Brand & Consumer Insights. It is a continuous ethnographic immersion and recorded by the consumer from his home, in which usage and exposure habits are shown. This allows communication directly with the consumer – in real time – and enables the team to internalize insights in an agile way to design or redirect strategies

Creative Ateliers

Creative and co-creation workshops (on-line / off-line). These are collaboration dynamics that promote team unity, the generation of positive workflows and the obtaining of strategic actions for brands in a fun and relaxed environment…