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«The future is us: Story of a lockdown»,

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At Kuo we continue to do qualitative research online and we want to share with you everything we have obtained through analysis. 

In this new webinar, we will talk about what the post lock down consumer will be like in the future. 

35 Focus Groups Online 

18 In-Depth Interviews with Social Leaders 

On June10 at 11:00 hours, don’t miss it! 

Very interesting webinar, and special mention also to those illustrations and messages that are so beautiful in their broadest, aesthetic and deep content sense.

Thanks for the webinar. Full of essential keys for the future. Looking forward to the next one.As always fantastic KUO !! 

Brilliant presentation with a good load of optimism…very interesting and I think a very good reflection of what is happening around us these days. 

Kuo Prosperity Lab is a initiave developed in collaboration with MA Service Design department at Royal College of Art, London, in response to covid-19 European crisis.