Prosperity tools


We offer an online field modality that allows you to connect B&C immediately and closely. 

Tools focused and adapted to quantitative & qualitative research of great value and depth based on people, epicenter of the new «business future» 

Qualitative methodology

Online Focus Group

Focus Group online via video call in which a group debate is established to get a closer understanding of consumer opinions.  

Actionable and hybridizable with other methodologies.

Creativity power of the group! 

Online Communities

Online platform for larger sample volume (30-500)  that allows the obtention of insights in a quick way.  

Qualitative moderation and Kuo meta-analysis as differential value. 

Geo Design

Evaluation of the performance of the brand in the different stores, opportunities for improvement on & off channels. 

POS effective analysis of the brand’s launches in new sales spaces, pros and cons of each sales channel, opportunities for change… 

Creativity Ateliers

Creativity and co-creation online workshops. 

Collaborative dynamics which enhance  team work and strategic actions for brands in a fun and relaxed environment… 

Immersive Interviews

In-depth online interviews that highlight authenticity and essentiality in strong opinions.  

They allow to draw a stage for the marks from both levels: macro and micro.

From the general to the specific, from the superfluous to the deep.  

An investigative goldsmith technique.

Consumer Connect

Triangular approach: HR-Research-Consumer. 

Intended for professionals from different departments of the company. Brand and consumer information 

Meet and interact with the consumer at home.


Through a from home-ethnographic 100% continued and recorded by the consumer, in which habits of use, exposure, etc. are appreciated. 

Allows the team of the company to communicate directly with the consumer in real time, obtaining ideas in an agile way to design or redirect strategies 

Transcategory Brand

Relevant to deep in brand positioning with respect to its competitors and design strategies of the future transcategory. 

Customer Pathways

The “customer journey” for many categories is increasingly complex, with many interruptions, circuits, phases … 


  • Visual circuits of the customer journey 
  • Visual map of touch points 
  • Insights detection 
  • Specific recommendations for each touch point and channel 

    Catchword Lab

    Evaluation of concepts, namings, existing communications, test communication sketches or develop new communication maps through immersive groups or online platforms. 

    Safari Trawl-On

    A joint navigation with the consumer through the different spaces and online channels. 

    Observation of impacts on the consumer and brand analysis. Positive & negatives, detection of improvement aspects… 

    Expert Shots

    Interviews to leading edge experts in the chosen subject of study (technological and digital field, Philosophy, Anthropology, Architecture, Environment …) 

    Agility and depth. 

    Balance Groups

    Technique that essence the investigation to binomials and / or triads to deepen and deepen discourses «of greater purity» 

    It allows doubts to be resolved by means of stimuli that can be operated at a very active tempo. 

    Quantitative methodology

    Formula On-Test

    Product test at home with online or telephone pre-recruitment. 

    It also allows us to obtain photos / videos that show how the product is prepared or used. 

    Emotest<br />

    Make a direct measurement of emotions and complement the assessments collected in the interview. 

    It is a non-intrusive technique that measures the sensory impact of the stimulus on the person. 

    We obtain: Evaluation of the coherence between the verbal and emotional response 

    Price sensitivity model

    Complete price test that allows us to determine both the spontaneous price area where the product can “move”, establishing the upper and lower limit. As well as collecting purchase intentions at certain price levels. 

    CAWI interviews allow us to collect information in an agile, fast and visual way 

    Concept & Duplo On-Test<br />

    Online concept test (CAWI). As a modality, the concept test can be carried out in two phases, after the first phase, a quick analysis of the data is carried out and the concept is reformulated, improving those aspects that are not fully understood and the new concept is retested in a second phase. 

    Naming Selection

    Through online interviews, it allows us to determine which names are the most suitable for a product or a range. It is an agile, visual and fast study that considers the key aspects of understanding, differentiality, adaptation to the brand, as well as product projection. 

    Doing it online allows the interviewee to classify the names according to their perception in an easy and visual way. 

    Shopper Path

    Through CAWI interviews, the process of information, search and purchase of products in online shopping is tracked. 

    Focusing on the last 2 online purchases of each individual within the category. 

    Hybrid test<br />

    Test: Individual opinion: programmed self-administered questionnaire, high visual impact, illustrations / images adapted to each target. It allows to measure specific aspects of stimuli and their comparative evaluation. Online methodology (CAWI). 

    Re-Test: Group Opinion 

    Subsequent online forum, which allows us to: 

    Understand the ‘grounds’: in respondents real life, in a competitive environment. 

    • Assessment in the real scenario outside the ‘test’ environment: interacting with other members of household. 
    • A group assessment. 
    • Retest and deepen some aspects of the Test phase. 

    Satisfaction Studies

    The online methodology allows a simple and easy completion of service satisfaction interviews, from any device, which a short length. It is complemented with CATI interviews to get the maximum number of responses if necessary. 

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